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ATVTRAC Tracking Services

In our current climate there is an increasing rise in the number of machinery thefts. One way you can protect your assets is with ATVTRAC.

ATVTrac is a discreet tracker which enables the owner to monitor the movements of their machines in real-time 24/7. It is a tracker and tracking service that allows you to have peace of mind. 

Key features

Real time monitoring

Once registered with your ATVTrac unit you will have 24/7 access to your device. You will be able to manage your device settings, notifications, view journeys and more. The GPS service allows the location of your machine down to 3 - 5 metres in real time. Radio Frequency also allows ATVTrac to locate down to 1 metre if your machine were hidden in a garage/container. That is precise enough to gain search warrants. 


Cutting Edge Garden Machinery is an authorised  trained to ensure that your unit is installed in the most cover location as possible. 

Recognised by insurers

ATVTrac is ThatchamS7 accredited tracking product. This means that their products have been independently tested by Thatcham who are funded by the insurers. Their product may attract a premium discount of up to 12.5%. 

Theft response team

ATVTrac is able to offer a 'Response Service' in the event of Police not being able to attend a theft in good time. This is a nationwide service that enables an SIA accredited operative to visit the location and secure the stolen machine. 

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