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Repairs are £69/hr and can be done on-site or taken away to our workshop. Charge time spent basis. 

We charge a £20 assessment fee which will give you a fixed price estimate. If you go ahead with the estimate, the £20 is taken off the total price of the work carried out. If you choose not to go ahead with the estimate but would like to purchase a machine, the £20 will be taken off then. 


Please note that ride-on assessments are £49. 

Servicing prices

  • Hand-held machines starting from £49.

  • Mowers starting from £69.

  • Electric mowers starting from £49.

  • Ride-on tractors starting from £169.

  • Professional tractors starting from £249

  • Diesel tractors starting from £269. 

Please contact us for further information.

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